METCO Defence International Co. Ltd. is a company which can legally deal with military products. It has the license for export and import of the products connected with defence, the license for transfer of these products and the license for broker operations with arms and ammunition and has the permission for arms and ammunition trade.

The company offers:

Spare parts for Military Equipment
Technical Assistance
Export/Import of Weapons, Ammunition, Military and dual use equipment

  • Supply of materials and equipment for weapons and ammunition producers
  • Training in the operation and maintenance of military equipment
  • Transfer of Technology (TOT)
  • Logistic Assistance

The company deals with:

1.    Weapons
2.    Ammunitions
3.    Optical Equipment
4.    Ammunition Components
5.    Engineer Corps Machinery & Equipment
6.    UAV & Drones’ components & Spare parts

Peace at home , peace abroad